Welcome to the Royal Jungle

Solroyalti Preview

What is Sol Royalti?

Sol Royalti is an exclusive community of Royal Bengal Tigers. Built on the foundation of philanthropy and an appreciation for art, these tigers bridge the gap between utility and amazing art.

Community Members will soon be able to access the Royal Jungle and participate in the minting of 4444 unique Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that are modeled off of the Royal Bengal Tiger.

Why Royal Bengal Tigers?

These breathtaking cats have lived happily in the Indian subcontinent for as many as 16,000 years. Today, however, they live under the threat of extinction, and ruthless poaching and destruction of habitats has reduced the Royal Bengal Tiger population to under 3,500 individuals in total.

15% of the proceeds from the minting sale will go to our charitable contributions.

•Tiger sanctuaries through the “Help Save Tigers Now” campaign by the World Wildlife Fund

•COVID relief for  Bangladesh through DirectRelief.Org, which has been hit hard by the pandemic.

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Built on

Solana is a leading web-scale blockchain that provides fast, secure, scalable, decentralized apps and marketplaces. Providing Using synchronization Solana allows the network to optimize for speed, making Solana inherently fast and engineers for native scalability. Solana's consensus mechanism called proof of history is highly energy efficient and incredibly fast.

Powered By

Metaplex allows for highly efficient and low cost minting that provides optimal user experiences.

(Postcard from the Royal Jungle)

OG ROYALTI (150 Spots)

OG Royalti are distinguished in our discord for their loyalty to the Royal Kingdom, these members will be rewarded with the 3D airdrop of the Kohinoor Diamond, as well as all the benefits attached to it. Which also includes free access to any project SolRoyalti takes in the future.

Kohinoor Diamond: Hundreds of years ago the Kohinoor diamond was mined in the depths of Gunter Mines in India. Said to have been the biggest diamond known to Mankind at the time. The rich history behind this diamond has caused it to be dubbed one of the most infamous diamonds of all time.

This diamond will grant holders a 5x weighted vote in the community wallet DAO, and free minting/purchasing rights to any future projects embarked on by the team of SolRoyalti. The value of this diamond is priceless. 


SolRoyalti provides tangible utility with its partnership with NYC Streetwear brand AKINGS. Through this partnership Royal Tigers are able to bridges the gap between reality and the metaverse. Utilities include live events this October in NYC, Premium Merchandise Clothing drops and future AKINGS x SolRoyalti Collabs. Holders of a a dual combination of hoodie + hat attributes can claim physical "airdrop" of AKINGS signature Anarchy Hoodie.

Rarity Chart

SolRoyalti's Roadmap

We aim to provide our community with the nothing but the Royal Treatment.

Royal Treatment:
Provide cutting edge utility through social credit and passive income.

Stage 1
Publish Website & Grow our Community
OG Royalti will have exclusive priority to private giveaways and a 5x priority in our community wallet. (Their votes count as 5)
•Presale of 200 Tigers for first OG Royalti
Stage 2
Public Launch of all 4444 Royal Tigers
Fund Community Wallet with 100 Sol and begin community investment.
3d Companion Airdrop for OG Royalti

Stage 3
Community Minecraft World

Community members can enter and compete for live giveaway prizes and showcase their SolRoyalti.
Stage 4
Once 100% is sold
Community Wallet usage will be voted on by the community to: flip NFTs trade crypto, host giveaways.
At the end of every month, everyone who holds for more than one month can claim an airdrop of a percentage of the community wallet as a reward for holding and growing the wallet.

Stage 5
Sol Royalti: Pure blood
Deflationary Function implemented to the website that will allow holders to combine 2 Royal Tigers by burn both and create a new one with selected DNA to decrease supply and increase rarity.
Stage 6
Physical Items Pop Up/ Online Store
Community members will have access to a physical item marketplace selling: SolRoyalti figurines, Solroyaltea beverage collection, and other novelty items.

Stage 6
3D 4444 Collection
More info about this coming soon.

Stage Forever
90% of Royalty wallet will be distributed  weekly.
Answers To

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions from our customers that may very well give you the answer you are looking for.

How do I get involved.
We are minting on the Solana Blockchain so you will need to acquire .35 Sol and put it in a wallet such as Phantom. Then when we are ready to mint, there will be a link posted where you will be able to mint your Royal Tiger. We are all about growing and cultivating our community, we have a thriving discord where we have contests, giveaways and alpha leaks. And our twitter is where you can find any updates relating to us.
Enter the Royal JungleFollow us on Twitter
What is the supply?
We have a total of 4444 Royal Tigers that will ever be minted. We have plans for future collections such as baby tigers and mutant tigers, however these will either be airdropped or distributed for next to nothing to our hodlers.
Is there a limit to the mint?
One Per TXN, Total not limited
Is there a rarity system?
Of course, we have a rarity system ranging from common to ultra-rare, more information about this will come out closer to launch.
Will there be a community wallet?
Yes, 90% of the royalty generated from the 5% fee will go to a community fund, of which the community will be able to vote on how it is spent then given back to holders.
How will it be minted?
We will have a link in which you can purchase your SolRoyalti, one for the presale one for the official launch. Be sure to follow our twitter and join our discord to stay updated.